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About us

Welcome to Varsha Group Services

Our agency was articulated by the retired border security force officers who have gained more exprience in the field of security and physical security over a period of time.In addition, we have added service personnel from the Army and central Police Organization for delivering good services to the customers as per their requirement.
Our Company is registered with the Tamil Nadu Government (vide Registration No. 292/1014/BK4), having the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate No: 150528019165. Service Tax No: AYLPS3936LSD001 with ESIC (code no. 510011055990000999), PF Code No. TN/85717, and Government of Tamil Nadu Department of Industries, Commerce Memorandum No: 2013/33/002/68354/SVSC/E, Private Security Agency, Government of Tamil Nadu License No. 736/2014.

Who we are

Our unique position in the security industry where we had some thoughts to recruit good standards of employees for which we had certain laid down policies.

Our Motto

"To protect the life of the people"
"To Safeguard the property"
"To Safeguard the Asset",wherever it is required.

Our Mission

With the change of scenario in almost all the areas, we ensure and understand that the security needs can be quickly solved with the help of our expertise on a day-to-day basis.

Our Vision

To be recognised by our customers, our staff and those in the industries we operate within, to be the best and therefore the first choice to work with. This based on our reputation of being a long established and trusted business, known for our quality, efficiency and experience.
Why Choose us

Our Assessment

Selection is made on client-based needs also.Traits we seek are Education,conduct,communication skill,Determination,cordial relations, and promptness.